Lyrics for the BoBoiBoy Theme song

20 June 2010 Posted by Rocky Raccoon 17 roars
Quick Update!

Following our BoBoiBoy Trailer that we released, lots of people praised the rocking Theme Song for BoBoiBoy featured in the trailer. Well that'd be thanks to Yuri Wong and Jonathan Lee from the Factory Music Studio who is also composing music for the series. We're pretty excited with some of the stuff that's coming out from him but you'll have to wait until we release it on TV to hear them. We're also making a Bahasa Melayu version of the song for our Malaysian release so stay tuned for that.

Before that, we've been getting a lot of requests for the lyrics to the song so here they are.

BoBoiBoy Theme Song

Aliens invading earth for coffee beans,
Prized throughout the galaxy.
They're coming soon,
They're coming fast,
I don't know if we can last.

So we all need a saviour to defend the planet earth,
BoBoiBoy (x3)

And our hero,
BoBoiBoy (x3)

The Launching of MaC3 Rendering Facility

15 June 2010 Posted by LUC 2 roars
Good Day,

On the 14th of June 2010, MDeC organized an event here in Cyberjaya to launch the MaC3 Rendering Facility, a high performance setup made for public use. This is the same facility animonsta has been using to render our Animation production which the outcome you have witnessed in our recently released BoBoiBoy HD trailer.

Animonsta Studios receiving The BCi2 grant from Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin

This event was officiated by The Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in the presence of the crowds and the mass media. After the launch, Tan Sri was brought to a tour around MaC3 where he had a chance to visit Animonsta Studios. There we screened to him our latest BoBoiBoy trailer and talked a bit more about our product. We were very happy to see that he was pleased with our work.

Nizam explaining more about BoBoiBoy to Tan Sri

As a token of appreciation, we presented a framed caricature of Tan Sri posing along with BoBoiBoy, Ying, YaYa and Gopal. There has been plenty of news coverage of the event which you can view some of them below.

Utusan Malaysia :

Utusan Online :

Star Online : :

BoBoiBoy First Trailer!

09 June 2010 Posted by Rocky Raccoon 10 roars

Good Day!

Animonsta Studios proudly presents the first ever BoBoiBoy Trailer in HD!  Watch it with a big Widescreen monitor or a big HDTV to fully enjoy it. We also encourage you to "crank it up and listen to it on speakers with a minimum height of six feet for maximum blow-your-head-off-ness" as advised by Yuri, the composer of the theme song from The Factory Music Studio.

Hope you guys will forgive us for being a little quiet lately. The Monstas were hard at work producing the BoBoiBoy episodes and thought it's high time we compile them into a trailer to show everyone. Tell us what you think by dropping a comment ;)

A Monsta Expansion (New recruits)

04 June 2010 Posted by Rocky Raccoon 12 roars
Good Day and Good June,

Since we posted about the available positions in Animonsta on our website, we've been getting plentiful applications to enter Animonsta. Here is the latest batch of recruits that has joined the ranks of Monstas. Joining the fray is also Kam, Iman and Rashdan who have all finished their FYP while they were with us as part time so they are now full time staff. On behalf of the the others in Animonsta, I welcome all of you to the team. Now let's get crankin' and boost our BoBoiBoy production! Ruwar!

Aditya, Athirah, Kean Cheok 

Kenny, Lili, Ui Cheng

Other than the new permanent staff that has joined, there has been a new batch of recruits that enlisted replacing the old interns who have just finished their time with us. We'd like to thank the ex-interns for being with us for 3 months and wish them best of luck in facing your Final Year Project.

- the writer would like to note that he finds it strange that there hasn't been a new recruit who is an avid Star Wars fan like himself. Where are you guys hiding? I kid.

Muhammad Ammar bin Mohd Safwan

03 June 2010 Posted by Rocky Raccoon 10 roars

Good Day All. Just a quick update (a much belated one that is) to share with everyone about our head Monsta Safwan's newborn baby. Baby Ammar was born on the 20th of May 2010 and on that day Safwan was smiling the whole time. All of us from Animonsta would like to congratulate Safwan and his wife Yana for Ammar's birth. CONGRATS!!!