Promo Episod Baru BoBoiBoy!

23 June 2011 Posted by Noriman Saffian 37 roars
Jangan lupa untuk saksikan episod terbaru BoBoiBoy bermula 3 Julai ini! Jadual tayangan adalah seperti berikut:

Episod 5: 3 Julai 2011
Episod 6: 10 Julai 2011
Episod 7: 31 Julai 2011

BoBoiBoy @ New Straits Times 20/06/11

20 June 2011 Posted by Rocky Raccoon 5 roars

Tech: Fine-tooning BoBoiBoy

Four colleagues with a passion for comics and creative technology combined their talents to come up with a popular 3-D animation series. SITI SYAMEEN MD KHALILI meets themMUM, dad, don’t worry too much if the kids spend a lot of time watching cartoon shows or reading comic books. For all you know, they might turn out like Anas, Kee, Nizam and Safwan. Still in their early 20s, these four alumni of Multimedia University who have been friends since their teens, make up the core creative force behind the BoBoiBoy TV 3-D animation series.

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We'd like to thank Syameen and NST for the great article.

The Voices behind BoBoiBoy and his friends!

15 June 2011 Posted by Rocky Raccoon 32 roars
Salaam and Good Day!

Now that BoBoiBoy has been aired for 4 episode on TV3 since March 13 I'm sure some of you have been wondering, who are the voice actors for BoBoiBoy and his friends. So here you have it the pics of the voice actors who have worked hard in bringing life to BoBoiBoy and friends.

BoBoiBoy: Nur Fatihah Diaz (BM)  & Wong Wai Kay (ENG)
Yaya: Nur Sarah Alisya Zainal Rashid (BM) & Fairuz Arfa Ariff Syah (ENG)

Ying: Yap Ee Jean (BM) & Chan Su Ling (ENG)

Gopal: Dzubir Mohammed Zakaria (BM & ENG)

If you also pay attention to the credits, you'll notice that some of the Monstas have lent their voices for some extra characters. Try to spot them in the series if you can.

Also BoBoiBoy will begin broadcasting on Disney Channel South East Asia this 18th of June 2011. Don't forget to catch the episodes that have been dubbed in English and Mandarin.