06 April 2010 Posted by Green Capsie
Good day!

Today, we are congratulating one of Animonsta's apprentices upon receiving the Best Performing Student for Delta Year in Interface Design for the event Annual Creative Multimedia Awards, Multimedia University!

Congratulations Aina on your achievement! And keep up the good work ! We are really proud of you. :)

9 Response to "Congratulations!"

  1. rihlah.alasad Says:

    congrats aina!

  2. rihlah.alasad Says:

    mana gambar with award?

  3. ikouje Says:

    pawer siot!!~ Cepat-cepat siapkan fyp tu pulak! tak sabar nak pakai.

  4. sebiji eejean Says:

    fuyoooohhh!! mo gambar ahh ROARRRR!!

  5. C2 Says:

    congrats~~~gogogo aina^^

  6. Noriman Saffian Says:

    waahhhh! congrats! congrats!

  7. Anonymous Says:


  8. hang li po Says:

    Wow...thank you so much everyone! T~T I didn't know anything of this as the internet my home is down. Thank you thank you

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