BoBoiBoy @ Gempak May Issue

26 April 2011 Posted by Rocky Raccoon

In May's Issue of Gempak there is a 3 page cover of BoBoiBoy with plentiful pictures and info about the series. Below are scans of the feature but don't forget to grab the latest issue of Gempak now!

We would like to thank Harry, Kyon and the rest of the team at Gempak for the great feature.

4 Response to "BoBoiBoy @ Gempak May Issue"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Boboiboy+Portal 2....haha
    pst:sumber idea tu... =D

  2. Aikachan Says:

    mesti beli nie !

  3. amirul hakiem Says:


  4. Unknown Says:

    Boboiboy the movie dah rancang sejak 2011...pastu cakap release 2012...tapi sekarang dah 2015...

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