NEW!!! BoBoiBoy Sneak Peek HD

23 November 2009 Posted by Rocky Raccoon
Salam and Good Day,

The team at Animonsta Studios proudly presents our first ever Sneak Peek for our upcoming 3D Animated Television Series, BoBoiBoy!

Please leave a comment so we can gather more feedbacks on how to improve.

Go go go go Animonstas! Siapkan kerja cepat!!! Ruwar!

4 Response to "NEW!!! BoBoiBoy Sneak Peek HD"

  1. Anonymous Says:


    Tgk kedai runcit tu, teringat pula cerita Dragon Ball masa kecik2. Macam rumah Kame.


  2. Sali Says:

    Anis kata comelnya rasa macam nak makan dia

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