More Monstas!

25 January 2010 Posted by Rocky Raccoon
Happy Monday!
January is almost at an end and what an exciting start to 2010 it has been. Hope everyone has had some good results from pursuing your new year's resolutions. As you've read before Animonsta was started by 8 Monstas and later grew to 11. Well we are happy to  inform everyone that as of 25th January 2010,  we have expanded our Monsta team to a strong number of 20. Check out our newly updated Monsta lineup.

So today I'd like to share with you guys our new recruits of Monstas that will become the life and blood of our team (if not already).

From left: Iman, Naim, Zirul

Kam, Rashdan, Akid

Ekeen, Hana, Nina

Tim, Hadziq

Zaim, Khairul
This new lineup includes character modeling, background modeling, storyboard artists and concept artists, further boosting our production team, not to mention our Futsal team as well. The team is hard at work with preparing for our first series of promotional products, a pilot episode and some soon to be announced minisodes. What is pilot about? What are these so-called minisodes? How did BoBoiBoy get his powers? All shall be revealed soon. Stay tuned ;)

ps – The writer would like to point out that he had nothing to do with the glowing effect on his face in the above group picture. Perhaps it is a sign?

14 Response to "More Monstas!"

  1. Kaira Hiwatari Says:

    oo yeaahhh~!!! \(*0*)/


  2. Tim Says:

    Anas so holy XD

    *campak confetti* hurrayyyyy monstas~!

  3. Noriman Saffian Says:

    lets get it on! rawr!

  4. fineredmeat Says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.
  5. Says:

    wow mr. writer, that's a 'clear shot' of your head.

    irresistible =p~~~

  6. Anonymous Says:

    his face would glow with joy

  7. awish Says:

    waaa ... makin ramei ... makin kukuh ... makin teguh

    bile korang nak bawak aku jalan2 ke studio korang

  8. rihlah.alasad Says:

    kalau nak datang bitau lah hehe. bowling? :))

  9. awish Says:

    bowling pun ok gak
    tapi korang ada bran ka?

  10. Monsta Anas Says:

    bole saja!

  11. Arief Says:

    Salam... err... ada kekosongan lagi ke?

  12. awish Says:

    ape laie .... set la tarikh bile free

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