BoBoiBoy First Trailer!

09 June 2010 Posted by Rocky Raccoon

Good Day!

Animonsta Studios proudly presents the first ever BoBoiBoy Trailer in HD!  Watch it with a big Widescreen monitor or a big HDTV to fully enjoy it. We also encourage you to "crank it up and listen to it on speakers with a minimum height of six feet for maximum blow-your-head-off-ness" as advised by Yuri, the composer of the theme song from The Factory Music Studio.

Hope you guys will forgive us for being a little quiet lately. The Monstas were hard at work producing the BoBoiBoy episodes and thought it's high time we compile them into a trailer to show everyone. Tell us what you think by dropping a comment ;)

10 Response to "BoBoiBoy First Trailer!"

  1. SyazZ_One Says:

    WAhhh!!! CAMBEST jek crita nih... x sabar nk tunggu kuar TV!!! Lagu dia memang standard lagu kartun superheroes luar negara laa... TAHNIAH Animonsta Studio... pembaharuan macam ni laa yang di tunggu2 oleh rakyat Malaysia selama nih...

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Taniah utk semua warga Animonsta ..sangat bagus harap2 jln ceritanya pun bagus . Moga semua warga Animosta berjaya.

  3. Hana Says:

    Version theme song yg ni lagi best dr yg prototype first2 tuh. Saye approve. xD

    Trailer sgt cool~! Congrats to everyone on the team~

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hana kalau comp...tag team dengan akid dan kam..mesti lagi meletop kedebabo

  5. Anonymous Says:

    betul tu. campur Tim, walauwey kawtim

  6. nota karya Says:


  7. Anonymous Says:

    keep it up!

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