Lyrics for the BoBoiBoy Theme song

20 June 2010 Posted by Rocky Raccoon
Quick Update!

Following our BoBoiBoy Trailer that we released, lots of people praised the rocking Theme Song for BoBoiBoy featured in the trailer. Well that'd be thanks to Yuri Wong and Jonathan Lee from the Factory Music Studio who is also composing music for the series. We're pretty excited with some of the stuff that's coming out from him but you'll have to wait until we release it on TV to hear them. We're also making a Bahasa Melayu version of the song for our Malaysian release so stay tuned for that.

Before that, we've been getting a lot of requests for the lyrics to the song so here they are.

BoBoiBoy Theme Song

Aliens invading earth for coffee beans,
Prized throughout the galaxy.
They're coming soon,
They're coming fast,
I don't know if we can last.

So we all need a saviour to defend the planet earth,
BoBoiBoy (x3)

And our hero,
BoBoiBoy (x3)

7 Response to "Lyrics for the BoBoiBoy Theme song"

  1. CL Says:

    who performed this song?

  2. MZIskandar Says:

    Wish you all a great success - internationally!
    Do! but don't over do!

  3. Zack Chua Says:

    Pada suatu masa, keadaan Dunia,
    penuh bahaya, dari ancaman
    musuh-musuh Bumi. Selamatkanlah kita,
    hero yang ada, hero manusia,
    penyelamat Bumi, PENYELAMAT BUMI~!

    Alien datang menaluki Bumi,
    demi koko yang dicari-cari.
    mereka akan tiba, tak lama lagi,
    apa mungkin terjadi?

    Jadi kita perlukan
    penyelamat Bumi...BOBOIBOY!!!(x3)

    Ying, Yaya, Gopal,
    dan superhero kita...Boboiboy!!!(x3)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    this song is performed by Burn AF1

  5. jessamorata Says:

    its fantastic....
    wish you all the best...
    wish you will have a new series....

    fun watching...

  6. Arans Aldhira Says:

    Terbaik lah Gopal!!

  7. eyeless jackie Says:

    wow this is brilliant
    LOl aliens for coco beans

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