BoBoiBoy @ The Star 18/03/11

18 March 2011 Posted by Rocky Raccoon

BoBoiBoy: New 3D animation series


Everyone needs a superhero, but some come in the most unlikeliest of guises, like the bunch in the new 3D animation series BoBoiBoy.
FOLLOWING the runaway success of Upin & Ipin, director Mohd Nizam Abdul Razak (better known as Nizam), has exhibited that the best is yet to come. BoBoiBoy, which made its debut on TV3 last week, is a new 3D animation series from part of the team behind Upin & Ipin as well asGeng: The Adventure Begins.
“We realised that Malaysians still do not have a child superhero icon. That’s when we got the idea to introduce BoBoiBoy,” said the director, when asked why he picked a superhero kid concept for his animation. He added that he felt “the concept itself would easily be accepted as long as the storyline is good.”
Nizam explained that each episode would be different, with the heroes – four in total – exploring their individual powers.
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Thanks to The Star and Szeto Yan Weng for the article.

10 Response to "BoBoiBoy @ The Star 18/03/11"

  1. nashroul hazriq Says:

    assalammuailaikum nama saya nashroul saya duduk dekat melaka saya suka tengok boboiboy. saya nak jumpa dengan boboiboy. bye bye

  2. Anonymous Says:

    assalamualaikum nama saya syauqi saya nak tanya game boboiboy tak ada ke?

  3. John Wayne Says:

    My name is John. I'm from USA. I have watch this cartoon Boboiboy. It's awesome. GOOD LUCK!!

  4. Risky Ichwan & His Story Says:

    Nama saya Risky, dari Indonesia.... Saya adalah peminat no 1 boboiboy..... Terbaiik!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    heh kalo peminat no boboboy kenapa gambarnya begitu tapi boboboy adalah terbaik dari yg terbaik

  6. raffi gibran Says:

    my name is Raffi, from indonesia, I like Watch boboiboy cartoon because this cartoon is very good

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Nama saya Yazid, tempat download video boboiboy terlengkap dimana...?

  8. hendra gozal Says:

    nama saya abilboy, mau nanya, kalau mau download animasi boboiboy itu di mana???

  9. Tepung sagu Says:

    Nak download boboy yang full kat mane e..?

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