BoBoiBoy's Premiere and the two songs from the show

14 March 2011 Posted by Rocky Raccoon
Salaam and Good Day,

After so many months of hard work and preparations, BoBoiBoy has finally premiered on TV3 on the 13th of March 2011. We were extremely grateful to find out that so many of you watched it and got word that the rating for the first episode was 1.05 million viewers. To those who watched, we sincerely hope you enjoyed it and would like to extend our deepest thanks for supporting us. Please share with us of what you think of BoBoiBoy at We'd love to know what you think about it. We'll also share new information and other goodies on the Fan Page.

On another note the show has finally premiered the ending theme song of BoBoiBoy entitled "Bersedia". Since many of you enjoyed it do not fret, ringtones will be available in the future. Till then we've uploaded the credits on youtube.

Composed by: Hana Abdul Aziz
Produced by: Yuri Wong
Vocals & Guitars: Hana Abdul Aziz

Also Yuri Wong from the Factory Music Studio has made a Making-Of of the Theme Song of BoBoiBoy! Our Hero!

Don't forget to catch the next episode of BoBoiBoy this coming Sunday. What will BoBoiBoy do with his new superpowers and how will Adu Du get back his prized possession? Stay tuned!

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  1. k0m4nd3r Says:

    Saya suka lagu chiptune masa episod berapa tah tak ingat. yang dia masuk dalam game tu.. Terbaekkk!!

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