Kre8tif! and X-Media Labs

13 December 2009 Posted by Rocky Raccoon

Salam and Good Day,

Recently Animonsta Studios participated in the Kre8tif! Digital Content Conference 2009 event organized by MDeC that began from the 7th to the 9th of December. Among the Monstas that participated was Nizam, Yongpin, Safwan, Dzubir and myself.

The event was the first of its kind bringing speakers from the local and international creative industries. It was an invaluable experience as much knowledge was shared by the speakers who gave insights from the business, creative and technical perspectives. Even Nizam was invited by MDeC as a speaker where he gave the talk on our new Animonsta concept; "Universal Content with a Local Touch". We thank all who attended his talk and gave support hoping it was informative for you. Local companies also had exhibition booths setup to share their projects but Animonsta did not participate this year as we are still in the early stages of our production. Perhaps we will do so in the future? Overall it was a very good and informative event and hope it will be continued by MDeC in the coming years. Great job to the MDeC team who organized the event. I know you guys were running around like crazy to make sure it flowed smoothly.

Right after the Kre8tif! event, we participated in the XMedia Labs event on the 10th and 11th of December. The event had around 16 mentors (most of which are from the same Kre8tif! event) who were set up with registered local companies for a one on one mentoring session. Local companies pitched their projects and were given feedbacks on how to improve on the creative and business side. On top of that it allowed companies like Animonsta to create networking and co-production opportunities with international distributors and companies.

 With Henry LaBounta - Chief Visual Office, Electronic Arts (San Francisco)

 With Tim Brooke-Hunt - Head of Children’s TV at the ABC (Sydney)

Among the many mentors that we met were Pradeep Mittur (Digital Entertainment Consultant, Formerly the Asia Pacific head of Walt Disney Internet Group and Paramount Pictures Digital), Juhaidah Joemin from AI Jazeera Children's Channel, Henry LaBounta from Electronic Arts, Tim Brooke Hunt from ABC Sydney, Sandrine Pechels from Bejuba Entertainment and many more.

Overall they commented that BoBoiBoy has quality, great story and commercial value that can travel internationally. However they also commented that the series's visuals appeared to have a 4 - 8 age group design focus despite the story was targeted for a 6 - 12 group. From the feedbacks we believe we need to upgrade the visuals to make it better suited for a 6 - 12 age group as you will soon see in the coming weeks and months as we share our progress.

We thank the both X Media Labs and MDeC for organizing the event as well as the great mentors for sharing their knowledge and experience. We hope to see everyone again in the future.

4 Response to "Kre8tif! and X-Media Labs"

  1. Azmi Ahmad Says:

    Positive comments all round online.

    Congrats to the organisers. Good for Malaysia :)

  2. aMeir Says:

    Hidup Terus !
    Alah bisa tegal biasa, Berpatah Arang Berkerat Rotan, Namun Undur jangan sekali.

  3. Anonymous Says:


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