Animonsta in The Star - In Tech (08/12/2009)

08 December 2009 Posted by Rocky Raccoon

Monstas on the loose


After giving Malaysians the adorable duo, Upin and Ipin, the boys from Les Copaque are out to make a name of their own.

HELPING OTHERS: (l-r) Animonsta team members Kee, Anas, Mohd Safwan Ab Karim and Nizam at their new home in MAC3, Cyberjaya.

THEY are known as the creators of the popular Upin dan Ipin series, but the original boys of Les Copaque have since left the outfit to set up one of their own, called Animosta Studios.
Realising that there was a bigger world waiting for them, Animonsta Studios managing director Mohd Nizam Abdul Razak and his team, comprising creative director Muhammad Anas Abdul Aziz, executive director Mohd Safwan Ab Karim and operations director, Kee Yong Pin decided to detach from Les Copaque’s apron strings.
While the immediate thought for the breakaway was a conflict of interest, Nizam said that the decision was mainly driven by business and career interests.
You can read the full article online here. Thank you to The Star and especially to Joanne for the wonderful writeup. Get it now at newsstands wherever!

9 Response to "Animonsta in The Star - In Tech (08/12/2009)"

  1. Noriman Saffian Says:

    woot woot monsta!

  2. Azmi Ahmad Says:

    Ada orang Seremban compliment dalam Star :)

    Congrats to guys behind ‘Upin dan Ipin’

    FOR some time now I have been fascinated by the “Upin dan Ipin” and “Geng” clips shown on TV channels as interludes. The clips portray typical Malaysian characters who are unique and refreshing.

    I am enthralled and harboured the thought that perhaps finally we had a Malaysian product of sufficiently high calibre that can match global brand names in the same field.

    With a proper marketing strategy, these animated characters may be sold worldwide.

    I did not know about the people behind the production until I came across a feature article on them, “Monstas on the loose” (The Star InTech, Dec 8). They are: Anas, Safwan, Kee and Nizam – four young men who have put their innovative, creative and entrepreneurship skills and talents to excellent use.

    These four young men have ventured away from the conventional and traditional profession and career paths. They are into new technology, new sciences, new thinking, and new way of doing things, a new era.

    We need more young Malaysians like them. Our school system should encourage and produce more of their kind.

    Admittedly, animation is a new field and competition is intense, more so, on the global scale. The four have much work to do and their journey could be a long one. But, they are full of zest, and have ideas and courage.

    I must congratulate them and wish their company, Animonsta Studios, all success.


  3. Faarihin Says:

    salam ziarah.. wah.. ada animasi baru yer.. semoga maju jaya.. (^__^)

    saya nak add link blog ni eh..

  4. meo188 Says:


  5. rihlah.alasad Says:

    faarihin: terima kasih, sila add, jangan malu malu :P

    meo: :)

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