Happy New Year 2010!

31 December 2009 Posted by Rocky Raccoon

Animonsta's Happy New Year 2010 card to you!

Salaam and Good Day,
Congratulations! 2009 is almost at an end and what a great year it has been. For us Monstas, though we have been in operation for 3 months, many wonderful things have happened. We have been featured in numerous news papers, grown strong support from the community on our Facebook, Blog and Youtube (thanks to you guys), gained good feedback from the industry such as the Kre8tif! Digital Conference and X Media Labs, and finally we are in the final stage of negotiation on securing deals for BoBoiBoy including television broadcast, sponsorship and licensing. All will be revealed soon when we have secured the deals. All in all we enjoyed our achievements and challenges we faced in 2009.
As the last day of the decade comes to a close, the team behind Animonsta Studios would like to thank everyone who has given us tremendous support and feedback since our incorporation. This includes everyone from government bodies, industry players, the press and media, as well as friends and families. But most importantly we would like to thank YOU! Yes you, the reader, the audience. We thank you for following our blog to this date and hope you will follow us into the new year as we bring BoBoiBoy into reality; BoBoiBoy television broadcast in June 2010. Woohooo I can't wait!
Happy New Year 2010 everyone!
ps- the writer would like to note that to this date he is still awaiting his futuristic flying/hover cars that has been promised to him in the year 2000 by science fiction.

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