Baby Monsta

24 October 2009 Posted by beepbit
Good afternoon everybody!
What a GREAT day today! This is a day that has to be
put into the history of Animonsta!
Guess what, we have a new born Baby Monsta here!
A huge applause to our new family member! Clap Clap!

Everyone is waiting in front of the operation theater.

As well as little Ielham.



still awaiting...

Cameras standby once we heard the baby's crying.

And here she is!
See how cute she is..

So, Little Ielham has officially become a Big brother!
Starting today, you have to protect her.
This is just a brief update about the great news.
Congrats to Nizam, Dini and the whole family!
I'm sure daddy of the new born baby has a lot more to share with all of us.
So, just wait till he settle everything, and post more about our Baby Monsta.

7 Response to "Baby Monsta"

  1. akuhenshin Says:

    wah2 tahniah2 kepada pn. dini dan en. nizam.. syukur alhamdulillah!

  2. Cuddly Family Says:

    congrats, to the whole family!!1 :)

  3. Noriman Saffian Says:

    congrats to kak dini n abg nizam!
    a new monsta has unleashed! hehe! :)

  4. hang li po Says:


  5. C2 Says:

    yeah~cute baby^^

  6. awish Says:

    tahniah !
    anak itu rezeki ... maka bertambah2 la rezeki ko nizam

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