BoBoiBoy Screenshots!

31 October 2009 Posted by Rocky Raccoon
Here's an update for everyone on what BoBoiBoy has been doing recently in his hometown. BoBoiBoy told me that these pictures are taken by Gopal's phone. Some of you might have already seen it if you've been following his facebook page. He is quite active in facebook so go go poke him or drop a message.

BoBoiBoy having a drink after playing at the nearby playground.

BoBoiBoy likes to hang out at Uncle Ah Pin's "kedai runcit" because there's all sorts of drinks and snacks that  kids love. Plus Uncle Ah Pin likes to given an extra sweet or two whenever BoBoiBoy visits.

And here he is trying to find his favourite brand of ice-cream.

Having a drink at Tok Aba's kopitiam

Despite that however his favourite place to hang out after a tiring day of school and games, is his beloved Grandfather's kopitiam. Sometimes though Tok Aba asks BoBoiBoy to help out with the dishes or take customers orders. BoBoiBoy says he never misses an order. Or so he claims to be. We'll be updating on Tok Aba's kopitiam soon.

15 Response to "BoBoiBoy Screenshots!"

  1. Junaidix Says:

    woah.. nice pictures ;)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    i think this cartoon gonna boom.

  3. B2ST jjang! Says:

    i like yaya in boboiboy!!! yaya is cute~ >3<

  4. ecah Says:

    cute sesangat ni..

    Upin Ipin Vs Boboi Boy [Les' Copaque & Animonsta]

  5. rusyaidi Says:

    blh sape sape tolong bagitau soalan peraduan terbaik boboiboy minggu 3 tak?????

  6. Unknown Says:

    the best Malaysia made animations ever.. 10 thumbs up for you guys :) .. proud to be malaysian :)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    ..:: Best la boboiBoy ni.lucu.harap dapat kluar filem kat panggung oneday ::..

  8. Anonymous Says:

    good anime ya

  9. Anonymous Says:

    for the first time i love to watching cartoon...all b'cz of BOBOIBOY...TERBAIKKKKKKKK....

  10. Anonymous Says:


  11. Anonymous Says:

    waaa... nak wallpaper... huhu...

  12. ikaru MaTsUo Says:

    saye memang minat kat korang suma serious saye cakap setiap kali dengar je lagu tema boiboiboy terus mengadap dpan tv lepas tu senyum sorang-sorang sampai kena tegur dengan ayah n emak saye ko ni dah beso pn minat cite camni huhuhu tapi saye memang respek giler la kat korang sebab berjaya menghasilkan karya sehebat ni dan semoga korang berjaya sye sentiasa meyokong kamu suma terutamanya hehehe encik nizam huhu

  13. ikaru MaTsUo Says:

    p/s saye suka sangat ngan boiboiboy halinlintar

  14. Anonymous Says:

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